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 Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1

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Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 Empty
PostSubject: Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1   Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 EmptySat Aug 22, 2009 2:22 pm

Malaysians told to stop wanking

By John Le Fevre

(Adapted from THAIVISA.COM): A doctor in Malaysia has said that avoiding masturbation and homosexual activities are among preventive measures people can take to reduce their chances of contracting the virus.

Dr. V. M. Palaniappan, an eminent practitioner of complimentary therapy, said that such activities caused the body to develop friction heat which in turn, produced acid and made the body hyperacidised.

Dr. Palaniappan told Bernama , the Malaysian national news agency, that masturbation and homosexual activity made "the body become an easy target for pandemic A(H1N1) infection," however, the normal sexual union between members of the opposite sex was absolutely safe.

Dr Palaniappan, a former associate professor of ecology at Universiti Malaya, said his 33 years of research had shown that high acidity in the body resulted in loss of immunity, thus making people more susceptible to viral diseases such as pandemic A(H1N1).

The doctor said to prevent acidity, it was essential to consume alkaline food and drinks that could neutralise excess acid in the body.

He recommended people drink coconut water, which is alkaline, and therefore could be used as a herbal medicine for the prevention of pandemic A(H1N1), along with orange, lemon and pomelo which, despite containing citric acid, were very rich in potassium and therefore, would not disturb the body's immunity.

Suddenly he appear with his clarification



In this (unavoidable) lengthy article, which is essentially an explanation to the many queries and criticisms (both negative and positive) put up by the agitated and appreciative readers of the blog, I have attempted to present a clear picture of the differences between sexual union (between a male and a female) and excessive masturbation in relation to virus infections. It may be offensive to some. Please read the introduction below, before beginning to read the main text.

A few people have been questioning the validity of my statement that said body’s high acidity gives room for virus diseases and that masturbation and homosexual activities can acidify the body.

Some have used a decent language, while a few others have used abusive words, which should not appear in a blog that is going to be read by many.

So, it occurred to me, to be fair to all, that I should not allow the posting of both positive and negative comments in the blog. For this, I owe an apology to all those who had posted their views.

However, the doubts raised by both groups of people are genuine. Therefore, I thought, I should present a detailed picture of the entire phenomenon so that my interpretation of information will become justifiable.

Since the new concept requires a thorough understanding of the entire phenomenon, I have to necessarily use certain words and descriptions in the area of sexology.Such words and the related descriptions may be felt offensive to some, while they may not be suitable at all for the under-aged.

So, I hereby request all the visitors to this BLOG, to use their discretions, and also guard the children from reading this material.

Women in general and people of many religions may not want to read these descriptions either. Such people should avoid reading this altogether.

In other words, this explanation is meant for those who wish to get clarifications in this regard, and I wish to request them to read it open-mindedly, without any pre-fixed opinion.

I am sure, you would agree with, if not all, at least most of the explanations offered.

Some clarifications…

Many have been wondering as what could be the difference between masturbation and heterosexual unions, and why should the former give rise to acidification.

Let me try to explain it here.

When a vaginal intercourse is held between a man and a woman, the following happens:

If the man happens to be uncircumcised, during the initial penetration, the prepuce opens up (i.e., folds back), and it remains in the same position until orgasm is achieved.

The sensation created by the slipperiness of the pre-coital secretion (that oozes out from both parties) in the vaginal tract gives rise to the immense pleasure which culminates in ejaculation. If a man happens to be a circumcised person, there is no question of prepuce opening up (or folding back).

In both the above cases, there is no room for friction heat to develop.

If a sexual union takes place between a man and woman WITHOUT any love, pre-coital fluid may not secrete. In such cases, the very penetration becomes difficult, and that gives immense pain to the woman as well. It will be only less pleasurable to the man.

There could be a few more reasons (some psychological) for the absence of pre-coital secretion.Anyway, in order to enhance penetration, either one of the couple normally applies some form of lubricant (e.g., KYJelly, fresh juice of Aloe vera leaf, gingerly/sesame seed oil, and the like).

In sexual union, the entire male organ goes in and comes out without creating any friction heat. If a man is going to have sex with a lubricated rubber or plastic doll, the penis movement tends be identical to having sex with a woman.That is to say, the prepuce folds back once, and tends to remain in the same position until he comes off.

Now, let us see what happens when a person masturbates:

The act of masturbation differs slightly between a circumcised male and an uncircumcised male. A man with prepuce intact opens his prepuce, closes back, and repeats likewise numerous times until he comes off.

It is this opening and closing of the prepuce (i.e., the skin, without any lubrication) that gives rise to friction heat.A man without prepuce (i.e., circumcised person) can still bring forward and backward the entire skin (the sheath) but only to a limited extent until he comes off. Here, there is still room for the development of some friction heat.

The other choice for the circumcised man is to penetrate his organ into lubricated (e.g., with Aloe vera juice) and folded fingers in a manner simulating the vagina. In this kind of action, it is the sensation that gives rise to the pleasure and ejaculation, and not the opening and closing of the prepuce. Therefore, there is no room for the development of friction heat.

When it comes to teenage boys masturbating, they almost all the time secrete the pre-coital fluid.When a man’s seminal fluid is wanted for laboratory examination, the ‘patient’ is encouraged to see nude photographs, magazines or even blue films in a cubicle, so that he would (a) get erection in the first place, and (b) would produce some coital fluid, which would make it easier for him to masturbate and collect his seminal fluid.

If a man does it without any excitement, it may end up in being a dry masturbation. Often unexcited men, by middle age, may not secrete the slippery fluid, and if they happen to carryon masturbating the dry way, their body would get ‘heated up’ to some extent.
If the person does dry masturbation very often (say, once or twice daily), his body is bound to get over-acidified, and this is the kind of person who may develop greater susceptibility for virus infections.

The mistake I made during the recent interview, it appeared to me belatedly, is that I had not used the words “too frequently” or “twice daily” and the like. That must have justified my argument at least to some extent.

When it comes to masturbation by women, needless to say that they cannot avoid friction heat, whether they do it through the vaginal tract, or at the level of the clitoris. If they happen to use a vibrator, it produces an enormous amount of friction heat. Frequent repetition of the act tends to result in hyperacidosis.

Those who are involved in homosexual relationships, after reading this article, should be able to judge for themselves whether or not they develop the said friction heat. There could be several variations in homosexual acts, about which I am not very much aware. I suppose, I should not have assumed in the first place that all homosexual relationships are friction creating.

I sincerely apologise to all those people concerned, especially because (a) they are much upset about my statement, and (b) my saying may not be totally true.

The misconception must have been due to my ignorance of homosexual relationships. I am sorry again to have hurt them, and am equally sorry for not seeking the opinion of research experts in this area, such as Masters & Johnson (who authored books like Human Sexual Response (1986) or their associates, instead of basing it only on logical conclusion.


“Body getting heated up” may not make much sense to those who are used to judging heat and cold based on the readings seen in a thermometer.Therefore, I have no choice except to explaining what is ‘body heat’, just to avoid another series of ‘attacks’.

Let us take two glass bottles, and fill one with plain water, and another with Hydrochloric acid.

Cool both the bottles in a fridge, and measure their temperatures, using a thermometer. Both would show identical temperature, say, 5oC.

At this, if a finger is dipped into the water, it would feel chill. Whereas, a finger dipped into the acid solution would give a sensation of very high heat.

Thus, milder acids make your body feel ‘heaty’, and milder alkaline solutions make you feel ‘cool’.
When your body becomes ‘heaty’ for any reason, if you check the pH of your urine, you would find it strongly acidic (of course within the range).

Likewise, if you checked the urine pH of a person with high fever, you would find it very acidic as well.When your body has become acidic, you would feel the ‘heatiness’ or burning sensation while urinating and defecating. Even your eyes may give similar burning sensation.

When this happens, it is common practice for people in the Tropics to take coconut water or take some ‘body-cooling’ herbal drinks.

If you eat too much of mangos, or any of the acid fruits I have mentioned in my article (such as kundang, rambai or macang), very soon you would develop sore throat, and that would end up in the development of common cold, and possibly, flu as well.

The above happen because your body has become over-acidified - in other words, it has become hyperacidosed.

At this, may I invite all those who deny the above facts: Please eat plenty of mangos (or any other strongly sour fruits - kundang, if available), repeatedly. You would soon end up with sore throat, common cold and fever!

It is common knowledge that when a person develops sore throat, if he drinks a glass of freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice; the sore throat would soon vanish.

The above cure happens because the lemon or orange fruit contains plenty of potassium and a few more alkaline substances, and relatively lesser levels of citric acid.

Coconut water is very rich in calcium, and that is how it could give an instant relief from sore throat. It has very good capacity to ‘cool’ down the body heat - i.e., it can neutralise the acidity.

Another item I have experimented successfully is the fruit of Borassus flaberllifers. This dryland palm fruit is mistakenly called “Sea Coconut”. It is very highly alkaline, and its pH measures as high as the lime - the Calcium hydroxide that is rubbed on betel leaves before chewing.

When this fruit is administered (in the practice of Ecological Healing System) in the right dosage, it has the capacity to even correct chickenpox, shingles, German measles, and such serious virus diseases.

In Siddha and Ayurvedic medical systems, a person infected with such strong viral diseases (e.g., chickenpox) is often treated with coconut water and neem leaves (Azadiracta indica, known for its high alkaline nature).

With the above explanation, I believe, no one may want to begin another war of words defying that there no such thing as ‘body heat’.

Now, a few people have been anxious to know how does one’s body become acidified, when it fact the brain constantly maintains its acid-alkaline reactions of the blood in a constant state (i.e., between pH7.35 and 7.45).

This too requires some amount of elaboration for the benefit of those who are in doubt.

Since the above clarification has already become a very lengthy description, I wish to reserve this topic for another occasion.

I am sorry again, if I have hurt any of your feelings. My intention is not to hurt anyone in the process of dissemination of useful information.

I very much wish to request all of you to follow through many of my findings, and you will really appreciate every one of them. With your encouragement, from now on, I intend to post novel and useful articles once or twice a week.

As I had mentioned earlier, please do put up your criticisms - but, let them be constructive. I beg to remain your well-wisher and service provider.

With best wishes and thanks,

Dr. Palani.
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Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1   Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 EmptySun Aug 23, 2009 4:14 pm

Whew... ada-ada aja... hahaha

Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 Signat10
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Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1   Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 1:44 pm

Gila itu, mestinya ditegas yang dimaksud dengan aktivitas homoseksual itu yang mana? penelitinya saja gak bisa bedakan mana itu prilaku dengan orientasi seksual.

Benar2 OON.


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Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1   Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 7:39 pm

...Hmmm tetep ilmiah..dan secara teori memang sahih...
walaupun lucu sampai dikaitkan dgn aktivitas seksual kaum homoseksual dan aktivitas masturbasi... Selama belum ada teori lain yg bisa menjatuhkan teori tersebut.. oke lah kita harus bisa terima....

Belajar untuk bisa menghargai dan menerima sebuah fakta yg kadang memang diluar pengetahuan kita selama ini...atw kadang menohok jati diri..he..he..he..

Setidaknya menjawab maslah gw juga....kbetulan beberapa hari lalu gw baru mendapt radang tenggorokan, lucunya benar jg loh, setelah radang agak baik justru gw kena flu dan demam..he..he..he..

Hanya saja jgn sampai hasil penelitian ini dipakai untuk mendeskreditkan kaum homoseksual.....(Krn si peneliti sndiri tdk bermaksud spt itu kan)

..... makan
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Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1   Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 EmptyTue Aug 25, 2009 5:06 pm

kok bisa sih infeksi H1N1 di kait2kan antara masturbasi & homosex??
kalo rentan terhadap infeksi sih iyaa,, tp knp H1N1?
tp kalo soal terinfeksi itu smua kan tergantung dr sist. imun yg ada d tubuh kita jg,,
kalo sist imun kita lg gak (krng) ok ya mudah terinfeksi virus...
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Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1   Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1 Empty

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Malaysians told to stop wanking and homosexual activity to avoid H1N1
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